Customers that access Live Chat for help are usually expecting fast and efficient service from Chat Agents

Chat Agents

  • My Cloud Assistant (MCA) recruits dedicated, competent and reliable Chat Agents, to answer chats.

  • MCA looks after all the issues and costs associated with employing Chat Agents.

  • Effective and efficient customer support is provided using the Website Chat App.

  • MCA provides licensing for the Chat Application.

  • MCA can provide installation and customisation services if required for the Chat App.

  • Other MCA administration services can be accessed through any Chat App.

  • The Live Chat Service can be provided 24×7 if required.

  • MCA provides training where appropriate, either for customer provided scripts or online.

Scripting Assistance

  • MCA understands that in a customer service environment, the language that we use can have a huge impact on how the customer perceives the service.

  • MCA can assist in providing powerful & quality scripting, that can be modified by the customer and then used to answer chats.

  • These scripts are maintained by MCA on an ongoing basis as new questions and answers are received.

  • All amendments to the scripts are approved by the customer.