Real Estate Agents can benefit from Website Live Chat service

If you’ve surfed the web recently, you may have noticed that a lot of websites have Live Chat installed—but, what is it exactly? Live Chat is software used by businesses to get real-time contact with website visitors. In the last couple of years, it has proven to be a great tool for keeping clients engaged, increasing sales and improving customer service overall.

Engaging potential clients that are selling, using Live Chat means you immediately can schedule meetings to ensure you get the best chance of winning their business. While buyers may not buy homes directly from a website, a lot of them deliberate over and compare several properties online. Having live chat available, means you could schedule viewings and other activities immediately for interested parties.

More than being a tool for interacting with customers, it enables you to create a relationship with them and guarantees that customers get immediate responses to their queries. This fast response builds the customers confidence in your brand.

At My Cloud Assistant (MCA) we give you the opportunity to outsource the answering of chats. MCA’s team of Live Chat agents work extended hours to cover evenings and weekends to give you greater coverage for answering your website customer chats.

Website Live Chat answering starts from just $130+GST per month, which includes the licence for the chat software.